10 ways to increase organic traffic to your site

A successful site that attracts visitors and readers is key to any business reaching its digital marketing goals. A blog that delivers on content, traffic, and interactivity helps boost any product; be it a brand, a service, or personal work. While the three are interdependent, traffic is the most essential component that can take your blog to the next level. It makes the content relevant and allows the blog to get consistent and steady traffic which helps boost its rankings in search engines.

Following are 10 essential rules to increase the visitors to your website.

Specific Content

The first step to a great blog with a targeted audience is establishing a niche. It is essential to set a theme for the blog and provide specific and clear content. The reader should not have to search for the information they are looking for. They should be able to find it with minimal effort on their parts.

Writing correct headings and stating the information in bullet points helps to keep the information concise and useful.

Personalised Theme

In arranging the blog material – text, photos, infographics, social media links- follow a theme. This can include a structured colour and placement model, a font, or even a blog template pattern. Establishing a unique organisation of materials familiarises the reader with the basics of the blog and allows for an easier read. This often makes visitors regular readers and increases traffic too.

Infographics and Photos

A blog with a continuous block of text makes reading tedious. Breaking the information down using infographics and photos helps to present information in more memorable ways, and can also make any piece of information a lot more interesting.

Social Media Presence

While a blog is an essential tool for business, it needs to be supported by a simultaneous presence on all other social media platforms. Use these platforms to spread and market the content of the blog in platform-appropriate ways, be it on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or any other social media platform. This allows people of different demographics and preferences to be directed to the blog across all sorts of social media platforms.

Incorporate Social Media

Allow your blog to be social media friendly. The visitors should be able to post about the blog through tweet buttons and other sharing options, so they market the blog for you and increase your followers and readers.

Target it to your Niche Market

The promotion of the blog should not be general but targeted to the niche of your blog. The first step in doing so is knowing your audience by analysing the data about your readers. You can use apps like Google Analytics to assess the demographics and preference patterns of your visitors. Evaluating the bounce rate and the time spent on the blog helps to determine if the right visitor is coming to the blog and if your blog is going on the right track.


Incorporate keywords in your blogs. SEO directs the interested readers to your blog immediately and effectively. It specifies your audience for you. Attach the appropriate categories and tags in your work, and SEO techniques will be able to rank your blog higher than before in search engine results.


Read, comment, and write! Read other blogs in your category because there is always something to learn. Feedback on the work to engage further and make friends in the industry. Make guest posts and establish a presence for yourself in any given market.


Work in tandem with other bloggers to pool in the visitors of both blogs. Feature guest bloggers because it will allow contributors also to share your blog with their networks. Use inbound links to place your blog on other web pages to get a higher visitor ranking. All of this can help put your blog higher on search engine rankings.

Measure your Performance

Lastly, use metrics like unique visitors, time spent on the blog, the percentage of users returning, and new leads generated to see how the visitors can be increased further and how the current traffic is impacting the product. This can always help you improve the way your website and blog have been designed, the content you are creating, and how you get your message across to your readers.

Increasing traffic to your website in 2019 is one of the most important ways to market your product or service, and to make a name for yourself in the industry. Using the tips mentioned above can not only increase the traffic to your webpage but can also ensure that your search engine rankings are a lot higher. Remember: this takes time and patience, but the end result is always worth it.