14 Online Businesses to Start from Home in 2018

More and more often, people are looking for new and innovative ways to generate additional income from the comfort of their own homes. Here are 16 great ways to get an online business without leaving your front door.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog is not a sure-fire way to income, however, if you blog consistently about an interesting topic you’re likely to pick up a bit of internet traffic. The visitors to your website/blog can be targeted in a number of ways that generate income. You could market products to them through the blog or have on-page advertising so that you earn passive income while people read your blog.


Are you a bit crafty? Etsy allows you to sell items that you have made from home, whether it be jewellery, a scarf you have knitted or an embroidered handkerchief. Etsy is designed to be the eBay for creative people. Some Etsy stores generate a lot of income while others plod along comfortably in the background. Either way, if you make things yourself then Etsy is the place to showcase your talent.


Another traditional entry to make the list, eBay and Gumtree have many sellers that make a lot of money on a regular basis. The key is to buy cheap and sell high. eBay is particularly useful for this because you can bid on items that are not marketed correctly by their sellers, then resell that item using correct keywording and selling practices to generate more interest.


YouTube is an excellent way of reaching out to people from all walks of life. You can create and post videos and generate a following. Once you have a large enough following you can market products on behalf of companies. If the videos you make generate a lot of views, then you can get paid by simply putting an advert at the beginning or part way through your video.


The same premise as YouTube, except instead of videos you’re creating a following by posting images. You won’t get a following overnight on YouTube or Instagram unless you’re lucky enough to create viral content. But, after a lot of hard work and with the right number of followers you could have companies approach you to market their products.

Sell your Photos

Tying back to the photos from Instagram, if you’re a decent photographer and have a large portfolio of images you can make yourself a lot of extra money by selling them online. A fantastic website to do this is www.shutterstock.com. They will pay as much as $120 per photo making it a very lucrative avenue to explore.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is a specific skill set but if you have the ability you could make plenty of money by helping businesses remotely. Some virtual assistants take care of day to day secretarial work, while others specialise in accounting and compliance practices.

Crypto-currency Investment

There is a lot of money to be made in Crypto-currency. These online currencies can be bought and traded like regular investments. Unlike regular investments, there is a higher level of volatility on the Crypto markets so be prepared for some sharp falls and some massive gains. It is easy to do; obtain a Crypto wallet at www.coinbase.com and then purchase your chosen Crypto on the Coinbase exchange using your credit card.


If you know your way around the stocks and shares markets, you can easily make a decent profit by Forex trading. Unlike the Crypto markets, these markets are a bit more stable and have the added bonus of there being a lot of information about the stocks and shares you will be trading in.

Make Cash Online Sites

There is a wealth of make cash online sites to choose from. You can sign up to them, complete short surveys or tasks and be rewarded with a small payment. These small payments add up the more tasks you complete and can you could end up with a nice healthy pot of money.

Business Start-Up

If you have an innovative business idea, starting up has never been simpler. With crowdfunding and peer to peer lending, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty obtaining any capital required to get your business off the ground and once going it will generate you income.

Peer to Peer Lending

A really simple way to get money quickly without expending too much energy is to become a peer to peer lender. Through sites like www.zopa.com you can put your money into a money pool which is then lent out to vetted borrowers. When the borrow makes repayment with interest you get your money returned as well as the additional interest.


If you have a skill or trade that others need then freelancing is potentially the single most lucrative thing that you can do online. Sites like www.upwork.com allow businesses to seek out talented individuals and hire them for work. Be aware that in order to freelance successfully you need to genuinely be good at something, otherwise you will join the thousands of freelancers that struggle to get work.

Manage a Company’s Social Media

We say that this is the best way to earn online revenue quickly. Many businesses are simply too busy to actively monitor and use social media. They also may not want to hire someone to do it as a fulltime job. Managing 4-5 company’s social media profiles can make you as much as £5000 a month. Of course, you will need the expertise and marketing ability to conduct this role.
As companies are increasing their online presence, it will not be long before more and more revenue opportunities are available online. These were the key ones to consider this year, no doubt next year there will be many more added.