Best Tools to Use to Analyse Your On-Page SEO

In our extensive experience at implementing a wide array of SEO services for our clients, we have learned to use some of the most amazing tools when it comes to analysing on-page SEO practices. They can make a world of a difference when it comes to getting a website to rank high on the most popular search engines in the world.

On-Page SEO Matters

The SEO for your website matters a lot. It determines how relevant Google’s algorithm considers your website’s on-page content to be. The goal for any company when it comes to their website’s usage is to ensure the maximum amount of traffic through carefully chosen keywords being used within the content.

Without the aspect of proper on-page SEO, your competitors are more likely to get the upper hand when it comes to getting the exposure to potential clients. Even if you have better content to offer, you can easily see your business’ website overtaken by someone who lacks very good content but has on-page SEO done properly.

This is why we are going to take a look at some of the most important tools that can help you analyse your on-page SEO and make it easier for you to improve your search engine rankings.

Google Developers’ PageSpeed Insight

Tools like the Google site speed test, more commonly known as the Google Developers PageSpeed Insight is an example of some of the best tools for analyzing on-page SEO. More and more users nowadays are using the internet through their phones now. That means the internet connection they are using is slower and the screen size they are using it through is also a lot smaller than the desktop counterpart.

Google is well aware of this fact and encourages you to maximize the loading speed for your website’s pages, if you want to rank higher on their search results. Nobody will want to visit a page that takes longer than a few seconds to load.

Tools like the Google site speed test will analyse the web page and point out the key factors which are leading to your website loading at a slower speed. This way you can work on the problematic area, optimize the on-page SEO and make your website load a lot faster than before.


Another really important tool that can help you optimize on-page SEO for your website is SEOptimer. The SEOptimer SEO Audit Tool is used to recognize and resolve several problematic areas on your website. It is a simple tool to use. All you have to do is enter your website’s URL and you get an automated analysis of your website’s SEO.

SEOptimer covers the website’s on-page SEO, the usability of your , the performance, social activity aspect and the security of your website. It is an essential tool for a comprehensive audit for your website which allows you to not only improve on the on-page SEO but also improve various other aspects of your website.


Among the important tools that you can use to optimise your website’s on-page SEO is SEMrush. It is a particular favourite with a lot of people nowadays because of the fact that it is very simple. It is not as expansive when it comes to catering to the needs of your website like SEOptimer or Google site speed test tools but it serves its purpose well.

It is a tool that has been designed specifically to find the most profitable keywords. In a world where SEO rankings determine the success and failure of a lot of businesses, this is a very important tool to have. It will basically allow you to optimize the keywords which you use on your website. A lot of old and new bloggers alike are using SEMrush so that they can find the right keywords to use and make for a better user experience when their visitors come to their websites.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the most important tools that you can make use of when it comes to optimizing the on page SEO for your website. If you are really looking to capitalize on the aspect of optimized search engine rankings, it would greatly benefit you to utilize these tools together so that your website can eventually enjoy a high ranking on Google’s search results.

Of course, when you augment these tools with excellent content on your website, you can make for a better visitor experience which will help your website when it comes to SEO rankings.