In order to ensure that this site operates as effectively as possible, we occasionally place cookies on your device which are essentially small data files. This is not unusual as almost all big websites do it too.

What are cookies?

A cookie can be said to be a miniature text file that a website saves on your internet enabled device (mobile phone or computer) whenever you visit the site. By doing so, it allows the website to recall the navigations and clicks (including login, language, font size and other display preferences) that you have made over a given period of time so that you will not have to keep repeating them when you are navigating the website.

How are cookies used on

Measuring website usage (Google Analytics)

Using the Google Analytics software, we are able to gather information regarding how you interact and use The reason why we do this is to ensure that the website is meeting the needs of its users and to also help us make the website better.

Google Analytics collects information about:

    • the pages you visit on
    • the amount of time you spend in a page on www.
    • how you got to the site
  • The clicks you make while you are on the website.

We do not collect or save your personal information (for example your name or address) and as such, the information we have cannot be used to ascertain your identity.

We do not allow the use or sharing of our analytics data by Google.

Google Analytics sets the following cookies:

Universal Analytics

_gaThis enables us to determine how many people that have visited by checking if they have been on the website before. 24 months
_gatThis is used to control the rate at which page view requests are made10 minutes

Google Analytics

_utmaSimilar to _ga, this allows us to ascertain whether you’ve been on the website before so that we can determine how many of our visitors are new to www. or to a certain page24 months
_gatThis works together with _utmc to find out the length of time you spend on www. on the average30 minutes
_utmcThis works alongside _utmb to calculate when you close your browserwhen you close your browser
_utmzThis tells us how you reached (for instance from another website or a search engine)6 months

Do we use other cookies?

Some of our pages or subsites may use extra or even different cookies to the ones mentioned above. If this should be the case, you will be made aware of these in the sites cookies notice page. You may be asked for your consent in order to store these cookies.

How to regulate cookies

The ability to control and/or delete cookies is within your discretion – for details, see It is possible to delete all the cookies that are already on your computer and then set most of your browsers to prevent them from being placed. However, in the event that you should choose to do this, you may have to manually adjust some preferences whenever you go to a site and in addition, some services and functionalities may not work as a result.