Five Tips That Could Help You Build A Solid Social Media Following

A key to determining the success of any business or personal account on social media is the number of followers on the given platform. The number of followers is indicative of the success of the page/business and also validate the authenticity of the account of interest. The higher the following, the higher the level of confidence the followers will have in you hence allowing for not just retention but also new followers. Therefore, it becomes imperative for any account holder to learn the right tactics to increase their social media following.

So how can you increase your following on social media? The answer is simple. Increase your engagement! As the engagement on your account increases, your audience will automatically increase.
Here are five tips that you might want to remember while dealing with your social media account:

Post Consistently

Consistently is hands down one of the most critical aspects of the job. Mastering this skill will make sure that you get more attention from your desired audience. Why is consistency important? Firstly, the more consistent you are, the more it is that your followers will see your post, will engage with it and through that will allow you to reach their friend list as well. You get a chance to reach a wider audience and make your presence known. Secondly, consistency will enable you to be recognised as an active account by the social media platform you are working with. Consistent activity builds up your rapport with the platform, and hence you stand a better chance of organically making it to your followers’ newsfeeds.

Try different types of posts

Using the same kind of posts over and over again makes your account seem almost predictable to the followers. It poses a risk of them losing interest and eventually unfollowing you. It is best if you put in the work and generate content that is diverse and offers something new now and then. Posting using different media, for example, going live with stories, using animations and posting videos will help you with strengthening your engagement statistics.

In addition to avoiding predictability, it is essential that the content is written in the right manner. Images with too much text fail to be displayed to the desired number of people. Images with lesser words are more compelling and might be more likely to prompt engagement. Videos that are too long will probably be skipped over after the first minute or two, so this is your time slot to leave an impression! Blogs without captions lower the chances of engagement. Articles with misleading titles do not rate well. So be careful about the medium you are using and know its strengths and weaknesses.

Quality over quantity

Don’t get carried away due to the pressure of retaining or getting new followers. While it is important to post content regularly but it is also essential that the material is good quality and adds some value to the followers’ lives. Posting content that is too repetitive or just not up to the mark to qualify as interesting enough might not be worth your followers’ time and may negatively affect the engagement on your account.

Know which content will attract your followers’ attention

It is crucial that the content you post is related to the motto of your account that got you your followers in the first place. If your content does not resonate with the interests of your audience, you will eventually start losing followers. Therefore, it is not just the quantity of your content that retains or gets you more followers, but it is also the nature of it.

Sticking to your niche while creating content also ensures that the new followers you get are more likely to be loyal to your account as they will be signing up for something they are interested in being engaged with.

Directly interact with your audience

Do not be afraid of directly interacting with your audience! The best way to build your following is to make your followers feel like they belong to a community. Remember that social media is a dialogue between two parties. Every time someone comments on your post and you reply, you get bonus points as you increase your chances of being visible to their friend list. Collaborating with one of your loyal followers or featuring them in one of your videos can take you far in allowing your followers to feel rewarded. Taking polls and holding contests will bring you more and more engagement as you would be directly engaging with the audience.