How to Make the Most of Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook has become a very powerful tool at the disposal of marketers and businesses the world over. It allows companies to reach out like never before to the types of people that they wish to have as clients or customers. This blog post gives you 6 really simple and actionable tips to ensure that your Facebook advert shines.

Paid Advertising

Facebook recently launched a fully-fledged advertising platform built within its existing social network platform. As yet many companies have not tried out or even considered Facebook as a genuine advertising medium. Here is why you should;

  • It’s cheaper than Google. Traditionally, companies that are advertising online will run a campaign on Google. The campaigns Google operates are either on a CPC (cost per click) basis or as a fixed paid ad. Facebook takes the CPC framework and allows users to set a maximum budget and time frame. On comparable ads, Facebook always generates a higher click rate which keeps the CPC value lower.
  • It won’t cost you the earth. Facebook allows businesses to control spending and the minimum budget for an ad is $10. On a recent ad campaign that I ran through Facebook I reached 1407 potential customers and had 41 clicks through to my sales page. This was a cost per click of $0.32.

Target Your Audience

Facebook has a really intuitive advertising platform. It allows you to pre-set the exact type of person you want to advertise to. This can be anything from simply targeting men for male grooming products to targeting couples for romantic getaways. When you have the ability to narrow down your field from the outset it puts your ad into optimum position to reach the people most likely to buy your product.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Always ensure that you have selected a good, original and engaging photo to accompany your ad. There are many royalty free images available if you haven’t got your own picture, but make sure the image used is eye-catching, entertaining and appealing. Many Facebook ads get poor results by using generic pictures and unappealing personal photos.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be ‘Salesy’

People rarely click on something out of their own volition. Make sure that you have a strong call to action within the main frame of the text. If you aren’t particularly good at writing, employ someone to complete this aspect for you. Poor grammar, punctuation and spelling can kill an advert. Simply having the tagline “click here now!” is a powerful way of getting individuals to engage with your advert.

Decide the Purpose of the Advert Before You Proceed

With Facebook, you can decide if you want to gain more followers, reach a larger amount of people with your company message, interact with your audience or simply sell a product. When coming up with a marketing strategy it is good practice to implement all of the above on a consistent basis. The more you grow your target audience the more organic reach you will have and the less reliant on paid advertising you will be in the future.

Switching adverts up like this, keeps your content fresh and keeps your target audience interested. If you are consistently selling products you will find this actually switches your audience off and your conversions will drop as a result.

Have a Sales Driven Landing Page

When you get that click, it is then your responsibility to convert that to a sale. This will generate your ROI figure. A landing page should be short, engaging and concise. It shouldn’t require any effort to read or get the message. It must have a strong sales driven call to action at the end. A good example of a landing page will be broken down into 3 clear parts (paragraphs).

  • The Problem. What is the issue that your product is solving?
  • The Solution/Product. Outline key features of the product and why it is the must-have thing.
  • The Call to Action. Prompt people to buy your product now.

A good landing page is simple, to the point and geared towards making a sale.

If you carefully follow the steps above when you run your next Facebook ad, you will see favourable results and a higher return on investment.

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