Keyhole Review 2018 – A Hashtag Analytics Tool

Social media gives us the illusion of transparency and relies on user interaction and engagement, but it is important for businesses to recognize that they can still shape and generate social conversations and user-created content.

One way users can be encouraged to engage and interact with your business is through hashtags. Whether you’re creating your own branded hashtag or joining a trending conversation, there is a lot you need to know about the hashtags that you’ll be using for your business. Fortunately, there is an incredible tool that can help you track, choose and create your hashtags for increasing user engagement. That tool is called Keyhole.

Hashtag & Keyword Tracking

Keyhole’s hashtag & keyword tracking tool works in real time. Providing insightful analytics about brand mentions and hashtags, it shows all the posts the hashtag you’re searching for has been used in, their impressions and also reach. Keyhole displays the popularity of the hashtag(s) you’re tracking through an easy-to-read timeline. The timeline also has an interesting feature which can predict how popular the hashtag may be in the future. I personally find this useful for planning my social media strategy.

A stream of Instagram or Twitter posts that have your hashtag are provided by Keyhole so that you can see what users have posted with your hashtag and whether the sentiment of the audience is positive or negative. The tool also provides more useful information that can help you increase your hashtag’s success and improve your content, including related keywords and hashtags and the major domains where your hashtag is being used.

Keyhole Predictions

Deeper Insights

If you are using the Keyhole hashtag tool to search for Twitter hashtags, you can see the top posts or most recent tweets for the hashtag. The ‘share of posts’ section shows a summary of original posts, retweets and replies. There is a section titled, ‘Most Influential’ that provides details about people who had the most retweets, which can help you see who is talking about your hashtag or keyword.


Keyhole Top posts

The dashboard also provides a location and demographics breakdown. This is where Keyhole shines in its tracking feature. For example, if you wish to analyze a hashtag, you can set up a tracker for your hashtag. Once the tracker is set, you can see all of the latest top posts, countries which the hashtag is most popular in.

Keyhole Locations

If you’re looking for new ideas you can see other related hashtags/keywords which are popular. You can use the tracking to discover content and the best stories that feature your hashtag or keyword.

Keyhole Related topics

If you’re involved in influencer marketing, we’d also like to mention that Keyhole would be a great tool to use when finding and choosing the right social media influencer, even micro-influencers! A powerful feature that we’ve seen is the ability to track influencers who are engaging with your brand, expand your awareness by getting back in touch with these influencers and build a good relationship! Keyhole has a learning center which contains a whole list of tips, tricks and tutorials when using Keyhole’s tools for social media marketing.


Final Verdict

Keyhole is a great option for businesses that wish to monitor hashtags and keywords for their social media campaigns. The details and real-time analytical data can help a business tailor its social media strategy to focus more on user engagement. If you’d like to have a first-hand experience with Keyhole and see how their tools can be used, they’re offering a free trial which you can check out here.