If you are a business which has any kind of online presence, digital marketing is crucial to building your brand and achieving the customer base your business needs to be competitive in the online arena. At VM Interactive, we specialise in providing integrated digital marketing strategies which take multiple routes to capturing your target online audience. We don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to digital marketing. We handle each project and campaign with an open mind and a determination to align your organisation’s digital marketing strategy with its overarching business objectives.

Content Marketing

In modern day digital marketing, quite simply, content is king. Unless you are coming up with the content to entertain, inform or educate, you are not providing value to your existing and potential customer base. We can do this by creating content which cuts through to your target audience – from email marketing and blogs to videos and advertising; we understand the importance of being on message every time. All the content we produce marries with your brand to ensure that you achieve true consistency across the board.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation (SEO), should be top priority for every business that intends to have any presence online. Many will claim, but in reality only a few have the required and up to knowledge of ranking due to old techniques of seo now being defunct. We at VM Interactive know exactly what it takes to deliver a successful SEO campaign in the face of ever changing google algorithms. While every business is different, we provide realistic goals and strategies in order to propel your website to the top pages of search engines.

SEO isn’t about one single activity – it is about a number of ways to get your website shooting up the Google rankings, a skill which VM Interactive can claim to be experts in.

Social Media

Social media is a key way of getting across your brand messages online – from every day communication to your fans and followers, to corporate messages and thought leadership. At VM Interactive, we understand the various social media platforms and the best way to exploit each of them; that includes consumer facing networks such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as B2B orientated platforms such as LinkedIn. The beauty of social media is that it will also complement all of the other facets it sits alongside in our integrated digital marketing strategies.


Paid search campaigns can be a great method of getting exactly where you need to be, on the platforms you want exposure on. But paid campaigns need to be put together with great diligence in order to secure a return on investment. We know how to target your paid search campaigns effectively, so that they reach exactly the right audiences. We also offer complete measurability, meaning you will know who has engaged with your campaigns, and where they are.

Digital marketing can often be over-complicated, but it needn’t be. At VM Interactive we offer clear digital marketing strategies which are trackable, measurable, and specifically weighted to address your key business concerns with the sole goal of increasing traffic to your website.

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What We Also Do

Digital Strategy

Doing business online can only be as effective as the digital strategy which you execute. At VM Interactive, we don’t believe in a prescriptive digital strategy.


In the digital era, the online marketplace is just as competitive as any high street or supermarket price war. That’s why at VM Interactive we know how integral eCommerce platforms can be to our clients’ overall business strategies.

Website Design

In the centre of the digital world, web design keeps on evolving at a speedy rate. At VM Interactive we pride ourselves on state of the art web development and design which has the ability to revolutionise the digital presence of our clients.