In the digital era, the online marketplace is just as competitive as any high street or supermarket price war. That’s why at VM Interactive we know how integral eCommerce platforms can be to our clients’ overall business strategy.

Our Process

We have tried and tested formulas for eCommerce web design which maximise both conversions and customer interaction, allowing you to sell more and increase your revenue. We appreciate that It all comes down to understanding buyer behaviour, and therefore we carefully craft the customer journey in your eCommerce site to ensure that your visitors keep coming back, leading to a sustained business growth.

Action plans which deliver

We know that in order to succeed, it is essential that eCommerce platforms tick off a series of requirements; from hitting the right target audience, to effective organisation, ease of navigation through to payment processing. For this reason, we factor in thorough audience profiling into our planning, so every element of your website is tailored to suit the visitor. Product categorisation is planned according to formulas which are proven to increase conversions and enhance user experience, while our website structures ensure that every step of the customer journey is streamlined. When it comes to payment, security and hosting, you can rely on the systems we implement to provide efficiency while reassuring customers.

Let’s get creative

We have a team of skilled eCommerce web designers who know how to be creative, allowing your site to engage its visitors. That goes for everything from the wireframes we structure to the user interfaces we provide, but we don’t forget about the importance of responsiveness, or keeping your website conversion focused from start to finish.

Conversion Optimization

Ultimately, eCommerce comes down to conversions, and you will find that every aspect of our eCommerce design is set up to help you turn visits into purchases. We understand how you can use promotional optimisation to ensure the right products get in front of the right customers. We conduct split testing which allows us to hit upon the features which get your visitors in the mood to buy. We can use eCommerce analytics to track behaviour and tailor each element of the customer journey to the specific visitor. It all adds up to more visits and more conversions!

VM Interactive are experts at eCommerce. For a site which puts you ahead of the competition, with all the additional support and services to make your site a success, rely on us to achieve unrivalled success.

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What We Also Do

Digital Strategy

Doing business online can only be as effective as the digital strategy which you execute. At VM Interactive, we don’t believe in a prescriptive digital strategy.

Digital Marketing

If you are a business which has any kind of online presence, digital marketing is crucial to building your brand and achieving the customer base you need to be competitive in the online era.

Website Design

In the centre of the digital world, web design keeps on evolving at a speedy rate. At VM Interactive we pride ourselves on state of the art web development and design which has the ability to revolutionise the digital presence of our clients.