Ultimate SEO Tip for 2019 – What You Don’t Know [NEW]

A new year means new chances and opportunities for your website and your blogs. This also means that Google and other search engines have gotten a lot smarter too. The SEO techniques riddled with meta tags and focus keywords may not be the best solution anymore. With the new year and the advancements in technology, SEO techniques now need to be smarter and more efficient than ever. If you want your blog or website to be ranked in the top most searches in any search engine, you need to be just as smart as the new AI and technology employed by these search engines. This year, throw out the old techniques and try something a little unique. Here are a few tips for SEO in 2019:

1. Useful, Thorough, And High-Quality Content

Good content means finding the right flow, sticking to it, not overusing keywords, and ensuring that the users and readers find it useful. One way in which Google tracks whether or not readers find the content useful is by monitoring how long someone stays on that page and how far they scroll down to look at the content. If someone reads the content all the way to the end and remains on the page for a long time, then it means that the reader has found something useful.

High quality content

Another way Google tracks and measures usefulness of the content is by checking if the same user/reader has searched for other websites with similar information. For example, if your site has information on gardening and users that search for your website also go to other websites for the same information, then chances are that your website does not have everything that they are looking for. On the other hand, if readers that click on your website do not go to other websites right after looking at yours, then it shows Google that they have found what they were looking for on your website.

Google results showing what people want to see

2. Second Tier Linking

Even though Google updates are a lot trickier to navigate through, linking is a tried and tested way in which anyone can improve their SEO techniques. As you increase the content and number of pages and blogs on your webpage, make sure to link back to previous relevant posts that might interest or help out your target audience. This is a form of second tier linking.

Increase traffic to different pages on the same website is a great way to improve your search engine ranking, and also a great way to show your audience that your content is thorough and continually evolving as well. The goal is to make sure that people who view your page find the content useful and do not have to go elsewhere for the same thing. By making sure that you link to other relevant pages and blogs, you build trust with the audience and establish the fact that your content is interlinked, thoroughly research, and built upon previously published content.

Second Tier Linking

3. The Ultimate Secret For 2019: Become A CTR Guru

Click-through Rates are extremely important when it comes to your website’s ranking in search engines. In simple words, CTR is the number of clicks on a specific link divided by the actual number of times that link or ad is shown. With Google’s new update, CTR is the most important thing of all for 2019.

Example of CTR

Studies show that advertisements and web links that show up on the first few pages of search engine results are those that often have the keywords in the actual tagline and title of the webpage. People are more likely to click on a title that has the keywords in it, as opposed to a title that has the same information as any other relevant page but has a title that does not have any of the keywords in it.

Keywords matches title of site

The best bet is to have content-rich websites that have high quality, thoroughly researched, and nuanced content and blogs. This also means that you must make sure that your target keywords are carefully used, not just in the title, but also in meta title, h1 tags, and the actual content. Your website has a brand name (or at least it should). For your website to come up in search results in the first pages, it’s imperative to increase the volume of keywords that have your brand name in it. For example, on our client’s website, Click Pharmacy, we followed the same technique and rather than just focusing on ellaone (product) or brand name (Click Pharmacy) we increased the keyword volume that has the product and the brand name both in it, such as ‘Click Pharmacy ellaone‘.

CTR goes up when keyword rank goes up

The results were astonishing for us. You can see from the analytics above that as our CTR increased to its peak of 58.4% in July we experienced a natural jump in the position of our target keyword ‘buy ellaone‘ to 1.4.

Increasing the CTR ensures more traffic is directed towards specific pages on your webpage. Branded keywords that link to your homepage not only increase traffic to the homepage but also increase traffic to all other subpages on that website. Google updates for search engine rankings automatically catch branded searches and note them down as popularity. Any search that has the brand name of the website, as well as the actual search query keyword, is a way for Google and other search engines to note down the popularity of that webpage, and also note down the fact that audience members are aware of the fact that this webpage has content pertaining to this niche.

Branded keywords and popular phrases

Search engine rankings can only be increased by much hard work, consistency, and good content creation. It takes years for websites to reach the rankings where they are now, but it is always smart to start using SEO techniques from the get-go. In 2019, Google and its algorithms will be as hard as ever to weed out poor content, and spam pages, which is why using these tips and tricks will make all the difference in the way your content is read. Using the SEO secret for 2019 and improving and increasing the volume of searches that have the brand name for the webpage and the search query in them, as well as in the title, is the most successful way to improve search engine rankings in 2019 and the years to come.

If you wish to discuss above strategies in more detail or want more information on the example we demonstrated above, feel free to get in touch.

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