What People Get Wrong with SEO

A few years ago, SEO was the in thing, companies and businesses believed they had what it takes to get to the top of a search engine results page and make a fortune off of the back of all that extra traffic. A few years on and SEO leaves a sour taste in the mouths of many. Some have paid vast sums of money for SEO management on a monthly basis only to be left uninspired by the results and some have given up altogether.

But is SEO some dark and mysterious art that no one can fathom or is it simply because companies don’t really know what they are doing?

As much as we would love to confirm that SEO is some mysterious magical trick it really isn’t. The truth is many companies and SEO companies don’t know what they are doing or even worse are damaging their own SEO chances. We have made a top 10 list of poor SEO practices that can be eradicated to ensure a better SEO performance for your business.


This is perhaps one of the most common problems with web content online. People think that backlinking to a website will enhance their SEO status. Moreover, some content has bad backlinks, taking users to dead ends of further poor-quality content.

You should NEVER backlink for SEO purposes unless you are linking to something else on YOUR own site or an affiliate company. Backlinks enhance the SEO standing of the page you are linking to as a search engine then thinks that the page has authority over the initial content. The aim is to create great content that people will backlink to and never the other way around.

Keyword Stuffing

A piece of content with keywords crammed in at every opportunity is poorly written and of no value to a reader. If a search engine picks up that lots of people are navigating quickly away from your website, then it will very quickly drop it further down the search results rankings.

Using a Highly Targeted Keyword

Not all keywords are created equal, some will have heavy saturation and other content will be actively targeting that. Unless you have a team of writers at your disposal, targeting a keyword that has a high competition level on AdWords is absolutely useless.

If you are going to be targeting a high competition keyword, you will need to post as regularly as 5 times a day on your blog for a number of months to penetrate that market.

Using the Wrong Keyword

Keyword research can be completed in a matter of minutes, it shouldn’t be though. Thoroughly researching the keywords for your company will give you all the information you need to target the right keywords. Some keywording will be completely wrong for what you are trying to achieve, for example, if you are a blog writer trying to get business you might think blog writer would be great to target. However; most searches for blog writer will be made by people looking specifically for an individual or blog rather than to hire a blog writer.

Not Using Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are overlooked and very effective, when people search on a search engine they normally type an entire question not a single word. So why would you not be keywording the entire question over the single word?

Ignoring Bing and Other Search Engines

Google dominates the market for search engines, but over 20% of searches are made through Bing. By not creating content that works with all search engines you are narrowing your field of play. Would you be happy to lose 20% of your income? By not considering other search engines that is what you’re effectively doing.

Ignoring Meta Descriptions

So many sites are lazy or ignorant of this fact. VM interactive estimates that many websites lose a significant amount of traffic purely by not completing meta descriptions. A meta description tells someone what they are clicking on. Internet traffic likes to be informed of what to expect on the page they click so meta descriptions are vital to this.

Not Tagging Images

You may have put the most incredible picture on your blog for the world to see, but search engines are blind and can’t read a picture. Instead, you need to tell a search engine it is there in order for the algorithm to process it. Tagging every image on your website can see a significant uptake in web traffic.

Thinking That SEO Success Happens Overnight

There are many SEO companies that will outright lie and tell you that they can get you to the top of a search engines results, they will if they are competent to implement a strategy that incorporates SEO best practices. What many fail to do is tell you how much work would actually need to be done to get you to the top of a search engine search. Work that all adds up to a monetary value. You will need to budget at least a year to penetrate a market completely and longer for dominance in that area. That is a year of consistent blogging and interaction with your audience.

SEO Evolves

Say you have obtained full SEO compliance and you’re doing well in the results, if you don’t consistently revisit content as well as add new content you are doomed to failure. SEO changes over time and your company must adapt to it to stay ahead of the game. It is the very reason large companies have extensive SEO and website management teams.

Hopefully, this guide has given you an insight into SEO and how you can avoid the trappings your competitors are likely falling into. With the right amount of information and resources you really can be top of the search results and raking in the rewards. It does however, take time, effort and money.